Come to Hilltop, the Best Indian Food on the Strip!

Consisting of incredible vegetables, savory meats, a medley of spices, and much more, Indian cuisine is loved by many. No matter your palate, even the most picky of eaters can find an Indian dish they truly enjoy. From the soft and warm naan to delectable chicken tikka masala, Indian food is a must try. Fortunately, Vegas goers and residents alike can enjoy Hilltop for the best Indian food recipes and dishes around. However, when you’re not in town, how can you enjoy the great dishes we offer at Hilltop? By making your own, of course!

Here at Gloucester, we understand not everyone can prepare the perfect Indian dish, but you can at least try. Our extensive menu offers a dish for any eater, but our most popular meals never disappoint. With this, we’ve decided to provide our valued customers and fellow Indian Restaurant in Gloucester enthusiasts with a few recipes for our most popular menu items.
Let’s jump right in!! Indian Restaurant in Gloucester known for its top fine dining at affordable cost.

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