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Our friendly outlook, homely service, great atmosphere are reasons customers return time and again to enjoy the amazing curries served by the Gloucester Indian Restaurant. Book Hilltop now and treat you friends and family to the wonders of Best Indian Restaurant in Gloucester, rest assured you will enjoy fresh, premium quality, wholesome food at what can only be described as paradise for authentic Indian food lover.Hilltop Restaurant is an authentic Indian Gloucester restaurant located at Gloucester, U.K.

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Today’s Specials

Chicken Balti -£7.95

chicken cooked in ginger , garlic, onion ,tomato and spices .

Kalam Biriyani - £7.95

slowly cooked Basmati rice in flavoured spice and marinated meat .

Lamb Malabar - £7.95

Red chilly , indian spice roasted and ground with coconut

Guam jamun - 4.25

spongy milk balls soaked in rose scented syrup served with fresh cream or ice cream .

Our menu has been created around the ethos of fun with finesse.
We are a fine dining experience, with the excitement of a more casual environment.

Welcome to Hilltop

Food not only replenishes us, it interprets our world for us. When we feel healthy, nourished and cared for, when what we eat excites us, life is better. We’re actually happier. Instead of stressing about what’s ahead or behind us, we stop to enjoy what’s happening now. Food brings life to us, teaches us to enjoy life.

Food has great power, too. Through food, we can reach out to people and demonstrate their importance in our life. When we make food beautiful, when we give a person something that is a true pleasure to eat, we perform an act of love.

At Hilltop, our Logic is simple. We aim to convey our passion for South indian and srilankan cuisine, through a quest for natural ingredients and technique without any added colour or preservatives, plus a deep-seated desire to continue learning how to evolve and blend old traditions and modern tastes.

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